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Hallmaker is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of building solutions, from steel panel clad buildings, PVC membrane halls, rentals, and construction service. Hallmaker Group consists of a number of companies with headquarters at Lysaker and Krøderen north of Oslo, and have production in Poland, USA, England, Sweden and Norway. World wide we deliver on average one building every day! Our history stretches back almost 100 years in time, and we are keen to maintain the good old fashioned pride that characterizes any skilled craftsman. Meanwhile, we are constantly working to innovate and adopt the latest modern technology. We collaborate with design experts in all disciplines, as well as architects, and this focus has led to a nomination by the Norwegian Design Council for outstanding construction. We have delivered prominent structures such as the Oslo Harbour “Sailhall” at Sjursøya and the National Museums “Green Frog” on Tullinløkka.